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All lessons and demonstrations in the comfort of your own home

All ingredients are included in the lesson price. Discounts are available for group lessons, please use the contact form to find out more details. Prices are per person.

All lessons can be tailor made to the clients specific requests or you can pick from the set lessons option below:

Sushi for beginners

Including Nori Maki Rolls, Nigiri and Sashimi.

3 hour lesson £90

Simple, quick and tasty family meals for beginners

Delicious and simple meals for the whole family that can be whipped up in minutes.

3.5 hour lesson £75 7 Hour Lesson £130

Designer Dinner Parties for beginners

Does the idea of hosting a dinner party fill you with dread? I will show you some very simple but dramatically effective and delicious menus that won’t send you in to a fluster.

3.5 hour lesson £80 7 hour lesson £140

Designer Dinner parties for the experienced cook

For the confident cook. Time saving techniques and recipes for you to be the hostess with mostess.

3.5 hour lesson £95 7 hour lesson £155

Take-Away Favourites

No matter what your take-away favourite, from my version of a Sausage & Egg McMuffin to Fish and Chips to Pizza - it can be recreated in you own home. Much healthier option and no comparison on taste, while saving the pennies.

3.5 hour lesson £75 7 hour lesson £130

Quick and Simple Asian delights

Pad Thai, Chow Mein, Yuk Sung, Spare ribs, Peking Duck? No matter what your favourite Asian dish is it can be recreated in your own home easily and healthily.

3.5 hour lesson £75 7 hour lesson £130

Pasta and Sauces

For the pasta lover, I will show you some very tasty pasta dishes including, Ravioli, Tortellini and Tagliatelle that will take the stress out of making pasta.

3 hour lesson £75 7 hour lesson £130

Mediterranean Classics

Fresh, tasty and delicious, you will be transported to the Cote d’Azure with these wonderful flavours.

3 hour lesson £75 7 hour lesson £130


Eating for Health and Vitality

Whether you want to lose weight, you have a health complaint or you just want to be a little bit healthier. These recipes will make you feel fabulous inside and out.

3.5 hour lesson £75 7 hour lesson £130

Vegetarian and Vegan Delights

Vegetarian and vegan cooking can fill people with dread due to limitations. But with an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits, herb and pulses you can run wild and create delicious meals even a meat eater would envy.

3.5 hour lesson £75 7 hour lesson £130

Men in the Kitchen

Whether you are passionate about food and eating or you are trying to woo a special lady, this is the course for you.

3 hour lesson £75 7 hour lesson £130

Ocean Lovers

For those who LOVE Fish and Seafood. This course provides you with all you need to know about fish and seafood cookery. From how to pick the freshest produce to filleting, skinning, preparing and cooking.

3 hour lesson £85 7 hour lesson £140

Off to University Crash course

1-5 day course. Off to university and clueless in the kitchen? Quick and simple meals for young adults going to university. Not only a cheaper and healthier option than ready meals but with the right diet you will have improved concentration and focus and excel in class.

Crash course cooking for beginners

1-5 day course. If you can’t boil and egg and you burn water, this course is essential for you. Quick and easy meals that will build your confidence and take the fear away from cooking.

1 day lesson £160 or 5 days £750

All cooking lessons will be tutored in the privacy and comfort of your own home, so you feel comfortable and confident in your own kitchen when you put into practice what you have learned.

The Cooking lessons can be completely tailor made to your exact requirements, so if there is a particular cuisine you would like to master or you just want to brush up on the basics, the choice is entirely up to you! We will send you a consultation form prior to your first lesson with questions like “do you have any particular likes and dislikes?” “Where do you prefer to shop?” “How many portions of each recipe would you like to create?” Why not combine a cooking lesson with a dinner party and invite your friends round afterwards to sample your culinary delights and new found kitchen confidence.

Following the lesson you will be supplied with recipe cards and in the unlikely event that you should need further assistance with a recipe when you come to recreate the menus on your own, you can always speak to us over the phone for continued support and guidance.

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